Calculating your breakeven point

This includes:

  • Providing you with our breakeven spreadsheet which will include all your business outgoing to run through 
  • This also includes working through your personal income and outgoings to assess what the minimum income you need is
  • Working through with you how each of these could be reduced or influenced by current circumstances 
  • Work with you to come to your final assessment of breakeven (or cash needed per month to sustain business) and how to update on the go
  • This will include how to identify problems that maybe on the horizon and how to overcome these

£175 plus VAT

(If on Xero) Building a prior year report

Nearly all businesses have some seasonality even if this is simply at Christmas. Comparing a month with 22 working days in it to a month with only 20 won’t provide a true reflection for you to assess business fluctuations but having a report that can easily show you up to 5 years data from the same month can prove invaluable.  

If there was only one report you looked at every month, this would be it! This work will include:

  • We can build your own prior year report
  • Running through this report together to show you the things we would be considering each month as a start point and ensuring the layout provides you with clear and well analysed data

£95 plus VAT

man planning his year end and tax

Short Term Cashflow Forecast

  • Putting together a 6-month cashflow forecast based on current figures
  • Discuss the changes that will apply and need to be factored in by us
  • Show you how to update this on the go so you can stay on top of your cashflow
  • Explanation of when to call us to discuss further concerns

£375 plus VAT

Long term cashflow forecast

  • The short-term cash flow forecast to show lenders the impact and decisions you have made to cut back
  • 18 months cashflow forecast to show your business making it through this crisis and back to full trading 
  • Including online meetings to work on these together and advice and discussions on how you can build your business back up 
  • Optional: Attend a finance meeting (extra £500 plus VAT)

£1,250 plus VAT

  • I must say Jon and I are so pleased we switched over to A4G. Your team are always so helpful and your knowledge and focus on helping us achieve the best for our company and personal finances is always appreciated. Keep up the good work and stay well.

    Lee, Monster Foods

Furlough toolbox

We will provide you with the following to help you with furloughing: 

  • Letter / agreement to provide to staff that you are furloughing
  • Appendix of items included in the furlough agreement 
  • Calculator to confirm the value of the furlough gross pay (and estimate of net pay for the staff, if needed)
  • Log for collating details for the application for the grant 

£295 plus VAT (A4G clients get £100 discount, reducing the cost to £195 plus VAT)

signing a new contract for fewer hours

Monthly management information 

  • Create great quality management information and accounts on a monthly basis to allow you to make informed decisions about your business 
  • Have an initial consultation with you to identify the information that you need and want
  • Improve the layout of your financial information
  • Interpret and provide commentary on management accounts
  • Review your key performance indicators and offer guidance on how to monitor them
  • Compare your accounts with prior year
  • Compare to break-even points or expected results

From £195 plus VAT per month

From £250 plus VAT with a video meeting each month

From £345 plus VAT first month due to set up

Claim Research & Development (R&D) tax credits

  • Free Discovery Session to see if your project is eligible
  • Online meeting to discuss your project in more detail to see if you’re eligible for a claim
  • Gather all the information we need to create your claim and identify qualifying costs
  • Put together a technical report together explaining the innovations you’ve been working on, a summary of the costs you have incurred and how we have arrived at your total benefit figure
  • Submit the claim and you’ll be rewarded in 4-6 weeks (quicker than you’ll receive a grant from the Government!)

20% of your total tax saved

Health-check troubleshooter

We can run a quick one-hour troubleshooter on your business in order to highlight the areas of your business that you need to pay attention you. What will you gain?

  • Identification of the danger signs for your business
  • What daily actions you need to change to secure your future and make your business successful
  • Advice on your management accounts and the results you are getting
  • Greater confidence in the future

Once we’ve identified what you need to improve, we will help you put together a robust plan of what needs to be done, by whom and when.

From £275 depending on the size and complexity of your business

Strategic Planning Day

Identify where you want your business to be in five years’ time and how you will make the changes you need in order to get there.

The contents of the day will include:

  • Identify your vision of the future of your business
  • Discuss where the business is today
  • Have a fresh review of your products and services
  • Consider the needs and wants of your customers and potential customers
  • Evaluate your systems and procedures
  • Review your own role in the business
  • Discover changes that need to be made for profitable growth
  • Consolidate the plan to make it happen!

From £995 depending on the size and complexity of your business

Two accountants in Kent discussing business advice

Preparing a Will

  • Complete an instruction form to gather the names and relationships of your family and friends who you would like to benefit in the event of your death, as well as the role they may have within your Will
  • Provide advice to determine the type and design of your Will
  • Draft a document which protects your wishes

From £300 + VAT (from £400 + VAT for a couple) 

Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you (the ‘donor’) appoint people of your choice to act on your behalf. In the absence of an LPA, if you lose mental capacity, your loved ones are not given the automatic right to take control of your affairs. Being married, or even owning assets in joint names makes no difference. We will:

  • First meet with you and talk through your options including who you may appoint, why and what they will be responsible for.
  • We will put together the legal document and present it to you and your attorneys.
  • We will also include a simple test to demonstrate that the donor has a clear understanding of the LPA and the powers given to their attorney(s).

From £200 + VAT

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