Be confident in your financial future and make business decisions easier with Fluidly.

Fluidly helps business owners sleep better at night by providing confidence in their financial future. Get paid faster, make planning effortless and have up to date cash flow forecasts readily at your fingertips thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence with financial modelling.

As well as providing cash flow forecasts in minutes, Fluidly also has a Goal Planner which allows you to test various scenarios and how they will impact your future cash flow, allowing you to make decisions and take actions to maximise your potential.

Why Fluidly is invaluable to your business today

Cash flow is fundamental to any business’ survival and success. But getting cash flow right is often easier said than done. Especially during these incredibly difficult times with Coronavirus, cash flow forecasting should not be ignored.

Poorly managed cash flow can cause serious issues, from not being able to keep your business going to not having enough cash to pay employees.

That’s where Fluidly and we can help you forecast.

If you want to be secure knowing what your financial future looks like and whether you have enough money in the bank and plan for the future, Fluidly is a must!

And what’s more Fluidly only costs £9 per month for A4G clients.

We have put together a document which sets out all the reasons why we love Fluidly, it’s best features and why it should be part of your business, download it at the button below.

Why we love Fluidly and think you will too

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How Fluidly can take the hard work out of cash flow forecasting

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We also offer a more hands-on cash flow forecasting and planning service for businesses that want to take this up a level. Find out more about our cash flow service here.


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