“I remember somebody saying to me, it takes about 10 years to really know what you’re doing in business. That seemed really overly pessimistic to me.

They may well be right. But if you’re prepared to talk to a lot of people, get the right advisers, read lots of books, read lots of articles, properly engage in the problems you’ve got and think about long-term strategy, you’ll learn a lot quicker.”

Malcolm Palmer, Managing Partner at A4G

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Our podcast is now live! As we take our first steps into this medium, we thought we would start off with talking about start up businesses.

Our first series is all about Getting Started with a business. Whether you’re starting a new business, a new idea or maybe you’ve fallen down and don’t know how to get back up, our new podcast series will give you food for thought and real actionable guidance.

Our first episode kicks off with host, Charlotte Newman, delving into our journey as a fledgling business talking to the person behind our vision, our managing partner, Malcolm Palmer.

Malcolm explains what went wrong when he started A4G, how he got off plateaus and kept reinventing himself and the business to allow us to achieve the consistent year on year growth we have for over 25 years.

Expect lots of sports references throughout and to the point advice to help your business get started or get off that plateau.

It’s time to learn. It’s time to grow. It’s time to Get Down to Business.

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